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17 years professional graphic design and photography

My first love was photography, but the year 2000 brought a passion for graphic design when I was hired mid-interview as a Graphic Tech for The Pueblo Chieftain. My only experience was POS and flyers I'd created as a marketing assistant. I learned programs and honed design skills on the job at The Chieftain and never looked back.


I have 18 years proven professional experience in graphic design. I graduated AAS - Visual Communications - May 2014, summa cum laude. I have as much professional experience as having earned a bachelor's degree but still, aspire to its completion.



Color, line, and balance; visual hierarchy, rhythm, and unity; typography, fonts, kerning and leading all fill me with indescribable joy. I'm still in love with photography, but now equally in love with graphic design and its Golden Mean.

Of graphic design and photography.


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